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This New Conjuring 2 Featurette Supposedly Contains Real Recordings of Demonic Voices

Illustration for article titled This New iConjuring 2 /iFeaturette Supposedly Contains Real Recordings of Demonic Voices
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Here’s a brief new promo for the sequel which contains a snippet of an unknown voice ,recorded by Ed and Lorraine Warren (played onscreen by Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga) when they were working on the real-life case that inspired The Conjuring 2. It’s gutteral, angry, growling—and it’s terrifying to listen to, even if you’re a diehard skeptic.

The case that inspired the events of the film is the notorious “Endfield Poltergeist,” and the film will see the Warrens (fresh off their work saving the Perron family from a witchy invader in the first Conjuring) travel to England to investigate yet another haunted family. This time around, there seems to be more possessions and demons, and less creepy clapping games (as seen in the first film).


The Conjuring 2, directed by James Wan, is out June 10. If this one’s also a big hit, will we be getting The Conjuring 3: Amityville next? Pretty please?

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About a decade ago, there was an article about a recording that EVP ‘researchers’ insisted was an unworldly voice repeating — and I am not making this up — the word ‘buttfuckerdoodle’. It was just an amazing conclusion they drew because it was drawn in utmost seriousness. All I want have wanted ever since is to part the veil after my death to deliver that message via automatic writing, Ouijia boards, and possession. That remains the greatest possible message that could be delivered from a supernatural force, you guys. Demons and malevolent spirits, get your buttfuckerdoodle together if you want to impress me.