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This new clip of Robocop fighting ED-209s raises so many questions

Questions like: What? Why did Robocop shoot that presumably innocent security guard? Is that Robocop's voice? Why doesn't he sound at all robotic? How the hell did his motorcycle do that? Why does this fight look like the lobby scene from The Matrix as directed by the Three Stooges? Update: 4 more clips added!


Here are four more brand new clips that just came out, showcasing more of the look and feel of this movie:

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I urge everyone to follow my lead on this.

On the day the new Robocop comes out in cinemas, log onto Netflix, or buy the Blu Ray/DVD, and watch the original Robocop with some good food and as many like-minded friends as you can round up.

It will be a much better experience. I'm 100% sure of it.

Retro Robocop Day