Stunning New Cinderella Trailer Smashes The Glass Slipper

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The more we see of Disney's live-action adaptation of Cinderella, the more excited we get. This movie looks like magic on film. It's colorful, whimsical, but also downright chilling, thanks entirely to Cate Blanchett as the Evil Stepmother. We simply cannot wait to see this.


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It does look gorgeous. But it also look like the same boring fairytale I've seen over and over.

Seriously, I'll never get what people see in these "Classic" Disney Princess films- Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, even Snow White. The characters are carboard cut-out, the heroine have no personality, the songs are dull and often so high-pitched they hurt my ears (with the exception of Snow White - those songs were great,) the villainesses have no motivations and no ambition other than "I'm Evil!!!" And the day is always saved by some Prince that comes out of nowhere and is barely more than a name. And the pacing of these movies is just. so. slow.

You know what Classic Disney movie I wanna see remake into a live-action adaptation? The Black Cauldron. Or eve better, an animation/live-action hybrid adaptation of The Rescuers (with Diane Kruger as Miss Bianca.) Or make a live-action Hercules so I can continue basking in the awesomeness that is Megara, Goddess of Snark.