This Narcopolis Clip Puts An Uber-Futuristic Spin on a Classic Thriller Scene

Ah, the high-tech break-in—an expected scene in any contemporary thriller, and that goes double for a movie set in the future. In Narcopolis, the debut feature from UK writer-director Justin Trefgarne, a pair of hackers go through the ol’ breaking-into-the system routine, with an insanely modern twist.

For context, in this exclusive clip, they’re creeping up on the mainframe of a sinister corporation that controls the distribution of all legal recreational drugs, some of which should probably not be legal. And by “breaking into,” we mean “futzing with sleek touch-screens, swirling graphics, and virtual pop-ups that would make the Minority Report computer and J.A.R.V.I.S look on with envy.”

And, of course, it ends with the obligatory “You’ve got company! You need to get out of there!” Will he escape? You can find out ASAP, since Narcopolis opens in theaters and is available On Demand starting today.


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