This musical reprise could have made Frozen even better

As heartfelt as Frozen's climax was, the movie musical could have benefited from a brief reprise of the song "Do You Want to Build a Snowman?" at a key moment. So one fan wrote the lyrics to a reprise and another gave it voice. Spoilers below.

Over at Musical Catbug, phananigans wrote a reprise of the song, which he suggests should be sung by Elsa after Anna becomes entirely frozen:

"Yes I wanna build a snowman…
I'm sorry that it took so long…
I didn't know I needed you…I really do…
and now you're gone…
please…just ask me once more…

just one more time…I promise I'll open the door
…yes I wanna build a snowman…"

And Scarlet-Glow recorded the song:

Nice job, folks. A perfect addition to the film.

Gif via SovereignElsa.

[via Renny Skywalker]

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I, for one, am super glad that wasn't in it. I would have cried full on sobs with my daughters (and their friends) at her birthday party. It was hard enough to maintain composure when the parents died and a 6 year old looks at me with tears in her little blue eyes.

Being a parent is hard. :|