This Music Video Looks Like Someone Dropped a Weirdness Bomb Into Mad Max

This new music video from the electro-rocker band Saverne is a great blend of Mad Max-style post-apocalyptic stuff with psychedelic strangeness. It reminds me a bit of The Gone Away World by Nick Harkaway.

From what I can tell, the storyline of the “Hendrix” video is as follows: There’s some kind of bomb that was detonated over a major city, causing an outbreak of psychedelic weirdness and destruction. Now only a few survivors remain. Our hero is a lone cowboy cruising around the wasteland on his motorcycle—but he only keeps the weirdness at bay if he keeps drinking this green goop that he gets at the start of the video. He goes to the city to find more green goop, but winds up getting into a gunfight in a bar. Then the weirdness takes him, but at the end of it, a random figure offers him more green goop—or was that just a hallucination?

Good music videos are often more like short films with a musical soundtrack, and this is no exception. Watch the whole thing below


[Thanks Attila!]

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