This Music Video Is a Like Playing a Video Game on Acid

I’m not saying that Pixelord’s “Rescue Cyber Party” is something you should watch while on drugs. I am saying that it looks like the personification of drugs.


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That’s not what a videogame looks like on acid. True story: I once ate a quarter sheet of Krusty the Klown acid and freaked a little bit. To calm me, my friends put on Tron. Afterwards, we walked to 7-11 and played Street Fighter 2, a game I was terrible at. This time, however, I understood the inner workings of the computer and beat the game in one quarter through technique of psychically connecting the electrical impulses of the machine to my own nerves. Could I sense the atomic structure of the joystick? Absolutely. Did the game look different at all? Not even a little bit.