This Music Video Goes On An Exhilarating Ride Through Earth and Space

The music video for Dream Koala’s “Earth” from the Earth.Home.Destroyed EP, directed by the duo FABULOUS, is awe-inspiring in so many ways. From the wreckage of civilization to the beauty of nature on earth, every shot is amazing. And so is the lonely astronaut traveling through space, only to crash to Earth.


It’s kind of nice to see a gorgeous video, with a simple idea, and no overwrought plot. It’s got atmosphere, though, in spades.

[via The 405]

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Hi Di gyjf

Cant watch it, in work. Will watch later.... I loved loved loved the visual effects used for “Tree of Life”. Everything was practical rather than CGI, he used pools of dye, water, florescent lamps etc. It gave it all a much better sense of depth and physicality than I’ve ever seen.

Really disappointed “The Voyage of Time” documentary Mallick has said he is producing with the same special effects team looks like it will never happen..