This Mr. Robot Season Two Teaser Hints at a Battle With the Political Machine

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The hacker drama Mr. Robot was one of the biggest new shows of 2015 and the second season is fast approaching. It’s rumored to be back on USA this summer but, they just released a teaser that hints at who Elliot and his friends will attack next.


This montage-heavy teaser doesn’t have much new footage and, for the most part, could almost be a teaser for season one. The main different is, instead of Evil Corp, this certainly hints that Mr. Robot will go after someone in politics this time. Nice timing with an election coming in a few months, too.


Entertainment Reporter for io9/Gizmodo

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That first ep where he meets Mr Robot and we hear the plan to wipe out credit card debt, I was like hmm wasn’t this the end game in Fight Club?

Then all the way through we kept seeing him interacting with the group while Mr Robot held back or vice versa and I was like, wait surely not? No way they would reference the plot to Fight Club and have the same twist?

And then after the twist is revealed, in fact I believe in the very next scene, we hear a piano arrangement of Where is my Mind?, the fucking closing music to Fight Club!!

I couldn’t believe the total audacity of this show, in itself a great reason to watch but there was so much more, cannot wait for this to come back.

Although I didn’t really care for the very last scene and what it implied TBH but I have faith they’ll pull it off.

PS a lovely little irony of this show was that after it aired Facebook started using that same arrangement to score their TV ads ( uk at least) which added to the brain melting lol