A heartbreaking story set in post-apocalyptic, underwater Brooklyn

We've been eagerly awaiting Joe Russ' post-apocalyptic short film Fathoms, about two people and a cat struggling to survive in the flooded ruins of New York. Now the film has arrived, and it's not just about coping with various hazards, but also about finding the will to survive in the face of overwhelming grief.


Fathoms is about Sam, Evan, and their cat Hippo, the lonely crew of the submarine Arken. While Sam keeps the sub's hydroponics units working, Evan searches underwater and through toxic smogs for food and other things they need for survival. But their plants have died and Sam is so distracted by the loss of her family that she may not have the drive to fight for her survival. The film was inspired by the death of Russ' father, and that question of whether it's worth going on after you've lost the people you love is palpable throughout the short. Of course, grief isn't the only thing that can kill you in this battered new world.

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Please reply to me with a spoiler - does the cat die? I can't watch films with animal death, I'm still grieving a kitty loss too hard to be able to cope. If I know the cat lives I'll be able to concentrate on the film without that preoccupation.