This Moody Fan Film Goes Inside The Mind Of Harley Quinn

When Harley Quinn finds herself comatose with guilt, she retreats into her own mind, where she must confront her original persona and a Joker-like manifestation of her subconscious.


Sheridyn Fisher, who stars as Harley Quinn, co-wrote Red Queen, which is apparently just the first episode in the adventures of this symbolically liberated Harley. The film was directed by Salim Tighnavard and Daniel Maher. Maher explains the scripting and production process at the Mechanical Minds website.

[via GeekTyrant]

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I have never liked Harley Quinn. There, I've said it. I dislike her costume design (the jester theme looks deeply silly with none of the creepiness you'd want from someone associated with the Joker), I hate her stupid name (Harleen Quinzel? That's up there with Roy G Bivolo on the list of ridiculously contrived comic book names), and I loathe her "hey dere, Mistah Jay" voice (although Tara Strong is otherwise pretty great).

I know she's popular and I'm gonna catch some flack for it, but I had to get that out.