This Modern Westworld Trailer Will Remind You Why the Haunting Original Holds Up

The Gunslinger aiming his rifle.
The Gunslinger aiming his rifle.
Screenshot: HBO Max/MGM
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Though we’re still a long ways out from being invited back into Westworld in the series’ mysterious fourth season, HBO’s just dropped a new trailer for the 1973 movie meant to remind you that the original story still more than holds up in 2020, and now’s the perfect time to check it out.


Rather than relying on any sort of new footage of clever edits, HBO Max’s new trailer for Michael Crichton’s Westworld simply incorporates the same sort of haunting melodies that defined Ramin Djawadi’s score on the modern-day HBO series.

Take a look:

By cutting the trailer to lean into Westworld’s science-fictional premise and the horrors that its protagonists are faced with as the robot-filled parks become dangerous, the trailer makes clear just how compelling Westworld’s premise always was, and how the source material’s echoed throughout the series.

Westworld’s first three seasons are now streaming on HBO Max.


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As a kid, the original Westworld scared me silly when I bumped into it on a Saturday afternoon in reruns in the 70s