We're big fans of LEGO's Research Institute set, but there's no doubt that it's missing some major scientific disciplines. Which is why we're so delighted with this LEGO MRI set custom-made for a neuroscientist— with her very own minifig included.

Commenter bitemark01 shared this gift with us that he made for his wife, a neuroscientist. He'd originally bought the LEGO Research Institute kit, he explains, but though it included a paleontologist, astronomer, and a chemist, there was no neuroscientist. So, he put together this LEGO MRI by taking apart several different sets and putting this one together:

Problem solved, and other, lesser gifts appropriately shown up. Well, almost. There was still one addition to be made: some pink hair streaks to be added into the neuroscientist minifig's hair to match the hair of her real world neuroscientist counterpart:

It's a fantastically fun-looking toy that also doubles as a valuable gift-giving lesson for the season: Candy? Meh. Flowers? Okay, sure. But a scientifically-accurate, custom-painted LEGO set, with your very own personalized minifig? Well, that's forever.