This might be the single most amazing toy we've ever seen

Everyone, this is Jaimie Mantzel, and he is about to blow your mind.

We think the video pretty much speaks for itself, so just kick back and enjoy. What it doesn't provide, however, is some insight into the man behind this wonderful piece of spider-mech magic. Redditor rimtinton provides some backstory on Mantzel — which almost sounds too incredible to believe until you realize that there are, in fact, dozens of youtube videos to back it up:

This guy is a complete and total bad-ass. Seriously. (He's also nearly constantly manic too, but I digress.)

He has this giant tree-house he built in the middle of the woods by hand which he actually lives/lived in. When he realized he needed a lumber mill to build a giant workshop to go along with his tree house in the woods, he made one himself, with two tires, a motor, and some aluminum poles (no joke).

Why did he need a giant workshop in the middle of the woods, you ask? To build a working life size version of [the robot in the video up top] of course! And he did it using 99% junk yard scrap MacGyvered together (like everything else he does). He also wore chain-mail while doing all this to 'stay fit'.

P.S. Almost forgot! His "tree house" has a giant trampoline in one of the rooms integrated into the floor (one of those giant backyard ones).


This guy's enthusiasm is seriously infectious. Be inspired. Help him name his toy. Reclaim your inner child.

[Spotted on reddit]
Top image is a screen capture via

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