This Might Be Our First Look at the Hulk and Thor in Action For Thor: Ragnarok

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We’ve known for a while that Hulk and Thor would be teaming up in Ragnarok, and we’ve seen the Hulk’s massive battle armor from the movie at SDCC this year. But now, we’ve got what might be our first look at the duo in the film—and it’s not just Hulk getting a new look.


The purported art cropped up on social media today, and looks like a piece of promotional work for the film’s merchandising.

Hulk’s look is not too surprising, given what we saw at SDCC, but it looks like Thor is getting quite a different new look for at least part of the movie. Not only is he wearing a helmet reminiscent of his classic one from the comics, his armor is heavily stripped down—and, of course, instead of Mjolnir he’s got two swords to do his business with. And what looks like some sort of weird face tattoo?

Given that Hulks in his Gladiatorial gear, it might be that this outfit will show up in the film’s purported, Planet Hulk-inspired arena scenes, with Thor and Hulk having to duke it out together.

We’ve reached out to Disney to confirm the veracity of this image—which may not be final, or even accurate—and will update the post if we hear back.

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I actually liked Thor’s movie helmet. I wish they’d let him wear it.