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This mesmerizing timelapse shows an entire year's worth of weather

Behold EUMESAT's first annual global weather overview! Over the course of eight minutes, the narrated video reviews all the global weather 2013 had to offer, from arctic blasts to super-typhoons.


The video was put together by EUMETSAT using images taken by European, Japanese, and U.S. satellites. The background was provided by NASA's Blue Marble Project.

I like how the timelapse doesn't go by too quickly; literally each day of the year can be seen. It's also fascinating to see how tumultuous the oceans become during the storm season. Skip ahead to 6:45 (November) to watch Haiyan tear across the West Pacific.

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I find myself again reminded of the paintings of Vincent Van Gogh. Watching the clouds in the southern hemisphere is incredibly reminiscent of Starry Night in particular.

He was known for being kind of a nutball, maybe he could perceive the winds in the atmosphere in ways most people can't? That might be enough to make anyone a little nuts.