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This device could improve the lives of tens of thousands of people who visit kidney dialysis centers. Using this 10-pound, miniature portable dialysis machine, they can cleanse and monitor their blood constantly, with minimal effort. The FDA has just put the device in its new "fasttrack program."

David Russell Schilling highlights the new technology over on Industry Tap, noting that it won't be in the human testing phase until 2017. So we've still got a few years to wait before this is available on the market. But once that happens, medical device designers expect that portable dialysis devices will get smaller and smaller until ultimately they're implantable.


So this kidney dialysis device is basically the first step toward artificial kidneys, which might one day be transplanted into patients with organ failure. For now, though, this device will give kidney patients many new freedoms that are difficult when you depend on being near dialysis centers.

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