This May Be The Star Wars Movie You're Looking For

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Still disappointed by Return of The Jedi years later? Perhaps you would've preferred the original version of the story, as revealed by Star Wars and Empire Strikes Back producer Gary Kurtz in a 2005 interview.


Kurtz, who worked with George Lucas on the first two Star Wars movies before going on to produce The Dark Crystal and Return To Oz, explained what we could've seen in the third film, in a 2005 interview with Film Threat:

The one story thread that got totally tossed out the window, which was really pretty important I think, was the one of Vader trying to convince Luke to join him to overthrow the Emperor. That together they had enough power that they could do that, and it wasn't him saying I want to take over the world and be the evil leader, it was that transition. It was Vader saying, "I'm looking again at what I've done and where my life has gone and who I've served and, very much in the Samurai tradition, and saying if I can join forces with my son, who is just as strong as I am, that maybe we can make some amends." So there was all of that going on in Jedi as well, that was supposed to go on. So the story was quite a bit more poignant and the ending was the coronation of Leia as the queen of what was left of her people, to take over the royal symbol. That meant she was then isolated from all of the rest and Luke went off then by himself. It was basically a kind of bittersweet ending. She's not his sister that dropped in to wrap up everything neatly. His sister was someone else way over on the other side of the galaxy and she wasn't going to show up until the next episode.


So, let's see: No last minute change of heart from Vader, no creepy retro incest between Luke and Leia, and a non-Ewok village with everyone dancing and singing and ghosts appearing to tell you that everything's okay really ending? Yeah, we were totally ripped off by reality.

The Original Star Wars Producer Speaks [Film Threat] (Thanks, MissMercyStreet.)

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I would have liked to have seen Revenge of the Jedi be a Kill Bill style story where the loss of both her home planet and the the man she loved drives Leia seek vengeance on Vader, having no idea that he is her father. In the course of her journey, she latent Jedi abilities start to appear, and by the time that she finds Vader she is close to being driven over to the Dark Side by her desire to make Vader pay for the things she has done.

In order to bring her back from the abyss, Luke and Yoda travel to Coruscant, leading to a final confrontation between the remaining Sith and Jedi, with the fate of the universe resting on which side of the Force Leia embraces. During the confrontation, I'd imagine the Palpatine/Yoda fight being a Dragonball-Z type of battle, with huge amounts of power being thrown around on both sides while Vader and Luke are locked into a quieter struggle for Leia's soul.

In the background of all this, the rebellion is starting to get an upperhand and parts of the Imperial navy are defecting to the Rebel side as the fleets mass for a final battle. Han is eventually freed, and winds up taking command of a rebel Star Destroyer that has lost its captain in the struggle to join the Rebel side, finally embracing his heroism and leading the Rebels into the decisive battle.

I've been meaning to fanfic this story some day, but I've never had the time to spend on a big story that likely won't get past the fanfic boards.