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At first glance, this appears to be the classic Boba Fett figure from Kenner. That's because your first glance will not inform you that this ridiculous thing is life-size, and now you can own one as well.


Yes, Gentle Giant is releasing a six-foot-tall version of the original Boba Fett action figure, from 1980 which will run you a cool $2750 at this moment over at Entertainment Earth. Here's my favorite part — the figure is still articulated, meaning you can move its arms, legs and head, in case you want to position the bounty hunter to sit awkwardly on your couch or something.

The figure does come with an appropriately sized blaster accessory, although it should be noted that the red rocket does not fire out of its backpack, presumably because if it did and you shot it at somebody it would crush their skull like an overripe melon.


Image via Rebelscum.

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