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Details on the live-action Masters of the Universe movie have been scarce to say the least, but the Senior VP of Production at Sony/Columbia Pictures, DeVon Franklin, just tweeted this extremely impressive picture of He-Man's steed Battle Cat. What could it be other than concept art from the movie?


I honestly don't know. It seems weird that one of the first details of the movie would come from a random, high-ranking Sony executive on Twitter, but it seems even weirder for that high-ranking Sony executive to randomly share Battle Cat art that isn't in some way involved in the long-in-development movie project. I certainly hope it's real, because it is awesome, and I'm not just saying that as a crazed He-Man fan.

Okay, Actually, I may just be saying that as a crazed He-Man fan, but I have no way of knowing. What do you guys think?



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