This May Be The Closest Thing to A Dredd Sequel We're Going to Get

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Despite the fact that 2012's Dredd movie was a vast improvement over the first Judge Dredd film, and that many fans are clamoring (even singing) for a sequel, none seems to be forthcoming. But at least now there's going to be an unofficial, seven-part webseries from Dredd's producer Adi Shankar.

The miniseries will apparently focus on the Dark Judges named Death, Fire, Fear and Mortis — Judges from an alternate dimension who decide the best way to stop crime is to stop everyone from living. You can learn more about them here, but suffice to say they are overzealous enforcers of the law, and given that they star in Judge Dredd, this is saying something.

On the plus side, Shankar already has some serious experience making quality, unofficial series based on comic books — he was responsible for the great Thomas Jane-starring Punisher short "Laundry Day," as well as the Eddie Brock/Venom short "Truth in Journalism." I'm genuinely excited to see what more he'll do with the world of Judge Dredd — and hey, maybe if they get enough traction, they'll help convince somebody to finally make a sequel. Can't hurt, right?


[Via The AV Club]

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Angrier Geek

Will he remember that Judge Dredd was also satirical? For all its flaws the Stallone version got that part right, something the most recent version completely missed to make a pretty generic action movie.