This Material Does Not Conform to the Laws of Gravity

Click to viewSachiko Kodama is a physics geek turned artist whose intimacy with the laws of magnetism has led her to create art out of magnets and oils filled with magnetic particles. As the magnets interact with the magnetized water, she's able to create amazingly weird, oily shapes that mutate and flow seemingly without reference to gravity. More bizarre violations of the laws of nature below.


One of her sculptures is showing in a group show at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens through the end of October. According to the SculptureSite Gallery, which helped curate the exhibit:

Employing electromagnets and magnetically-charged microfine particles suspended in oil set in motion through a computer controller, Kodama, who is associate professor at Tokyo's University of Electro-Communications, explores an entirely new territory where the seductive glossy black liquid seems to turn into rows of solid spikes impeccably organized around a spiraling cone, only to dissolve abruptly into obvious liquidity once again

SculptureSite [gallery page]

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