This Mashup Of The Muppets And The Walking Dead Is Creepy Perfection

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When artist Gene Guilmette was asked to draw a page of The Walking Dead with Muppets, he came up with this brilliant idea. He cast both Statler and Waldorf as the Governor, and placed other Muppets in their fish tanks.


This another fabulous entry from Comics Should Be Good's The Line It Is Drawn. This week's theme was Muppet mashups, with each artist combining the felt puppets with comic book characters. There are some brilliant illustrations this time around, including Fozzie as the Joker in that famous laughing panel from The Killing Joke, Kermit and Robin as, well, Batman and Robin, and Sweetums as Bane. But we're particularly partial to Guilmette's piece, which will give us nightmares filled with undead Muppet heads.

Guilmette told The Line It Is Drawn that he got input on this piece from his co-worker Albert and his husband Bill.


If you want to see more of Guilmette's work, check out RLT Press. If you'd like to support him, he also has print and stuff shops and a Patreon.

The Line it is Drawn #231 – Muppet Mash-Up Week! [Comics Should Be Good]

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Damn my B is for Brain, to H is for Hell, Why did I google image "zombie Sesame Street " This guy is mild in comparison, there are things that cannot be unseen.…=_