This Marvel Poster Highlights the Gorgeous Fury of the Phoenix Force

A Phoenix rises!
A Phoenix rises!
Image: Malleus/Plush Art Club
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Marvel Girl. Phoenix. Dark Phoenix. Sometimes just regular ol’ Jean. Over the decades, Jean Grey has adopted many looks and identities as one of the X-Men’s most iconic heroines. But try as she might, Jean will never escape the legendary Phoenix saga and its impact on her—and as this gorgeous poster shows, the iconic costume it wrapped her in.

io9 is excited to give you an exclusive first look at Plush Art Club’s latest release, in collaboration with Grey Matter Art, set to go live this week. While its past comic book work has put a spotlight on video gaming interpretations of iconic heroes like Spider-Man and Batman (or, well, his most infamous antagonist in the latter’s case), this new Jean poster is ripped right out of the comics. Illustrated by Malleus, it’s part of a limited run of 150:

Illustration for article titled This Marvel Poster Highlights the Gorgeous Fury of the Phoenix Force
Image: Malleus/Plush Art Club

Your wallet will be able to feel the fury of the Phoenix Force when Malleus’ poster will goes live on Plush Art Club’s website tomorrow, August 27, at 11AM PT/2PM EST.

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Opus T. Penguin

No mention of the originator of Phoenix’s look, the late great Dave Cockrum? He, along with John Romita, are comics’ greatest costume designers.

And then Phoenix’s look was transformed by John Byrne when she went DARK...