This Map Shows Which Jobs Are Most Unique To Your State

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The Bureau of Labor Statistics has crunched the numbers of the jobs Americans have now. The most common profession overall for the nation: office and administrative support. But what about the jobs that are both unique to your state and common there?


The findings are the result of a numbers crunch using BLS data from May 2013. Office and administrative support positions led the field with 16% of all jobs concentrated there. Especially interesting, though, was the data on which jobs had the highest concentration in each state relative to the nation, the results of which were plotted out on an interactive map (the data is also charted out below).

Some of the jobs with the highest concentration in their state are hardly surprising: DC, for instance, is crushing the national average of political scientists, while Texas is the state where more petroleum engineers choose to hang their hats. Meanwhile, Nevada's cornering of the market for gaming supervisors can probably be traced to the city of Las Vegas. Others, though, reveal a lot more about their home state and the niche markets that exist there.


Mississippi has more upholsterers than any other state in the nation per capita. If you long to pursue a career as a stucco mason, Arizona is your best bet, while train fans should head to the plains of Illinois. Michigan is apparently fertile ground for model makers (both metal AND plastic); Colorado is the place for space (and atmospheric) scientists; New Jersey is home to the nation's highest concentration of marriage and family therapists; Vermont's roadways are kept in condition by more highway and maintenance workers than anywhere else in the U.S.

Of course, it's not just a question of total number jobs, but also the wages those jobs pay. You can see the percent of total nationwide employment for each job category against its average wages graphed out here:

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So, do the findings line up with what you've seen? Tag the map with your locale and tell us about the employment market there.

StateOccupationLocation quotientEmployment
AlabamaLayout workers, metal and plastic9.051,690
AlaskaZoologists and wildlife biologists18.65840
ArizonaPlasterers and stucco masons4.371,680
ArkansasShoe machine operators and tenders13.35500
CaliforniaFarmworkers and laborers, crop, nursery, and greenhouse5.89171,160
ColoradoAtmospheric and space scientists9.651,800
District of ColumbiaPolitical scientists120.463,370
FloridaMotorboat operators8.301,590
GeorgiaTextile winding, twisting, and drawing out machine setters, operators, and tenders10.497,990
IdahoForest and conservation technicians15.582,140
IllinoisRail transportation workers, all other5.67870
IowaSoil and plant scientists12.811,900
KansasAgricultural equipment operators5.411,240
KentuckyRoof bolters, mining14.141,120
MaineLogging equipment operators11.151,200
MarylandSubway and streetcar operators12.022,050
MassachusettsBiochemists and biophysicists5.383,850
MichiganModel makers, metal and plastic6.121,140
MinnesotaFood scientists and technologists6.782,060
MissouriEntertainment attendants and related workers, all other3.91750
MontanaForest and conservation technicians20.732,040
NebraskaMeat, poultry, and fish cutters and trimmers10.3311,620
NevadaGaming supervisors31.986,990
New HampshireMetal workers and plastic workers, all other11.801,230
New JerseyMarriage and family therapists4.984,170
New MexicoPhysical scientists, all other12.031,660
New YorkFashion designers6.347,180
North CarolinaTextile winding, twisting, and drawing out machine setters, operators, and tenders8.886,880
North DakotaExtraction workers, all other35.75910
OhioFoundry mold and coremakers3.541,790
OklahomaGaming managers12.74670
OregonLogging workers, all other40.151,390
PennsylvaniaGas compressor and gas pumping station operators4.66890
Rhode IslandJewelers and precious stone and metal workers7.05560
South CarolinaTire builders11.802,860
South DakotaPesticide handlers, sprayers, and applicators, vegetation9.44650
TennesseeNuclear technicians4.94700
TexasPetroleum engineers6.8419,660
UtahMine cutting and channeling machine operators8.36540
VermontHighway maintenance workers4.761,490
VirginiaLegal support workers, all other7.158,950
WashingtonAircraft structure, surfaces, rigging, and systems assemblers15.6814,310
West VirginiaMine shuttle car operator76.871,120
WisconsinFoundry mold and coremakers6.261,670
WyomingWellhead pumpers24.75700

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Originally from MA, so the bio-chem stuff doesn't surprise me. I now live in NJ, and the therapists blew me out of the water.