This Map Shows How Often U.S. Couples Are Having Sex To Get Pregnant

Across this great land, there are couples trying to conceive a child. And some are trying a bit harder than others. This map was created by a company called Ovia, based upon data compiled from its fertility app: 4.35 million instances of sex and tens of millions of data points from hundreds of thousands users.

Among the main findings:

  • People have sex an average of 6.10 days per month (73.2 times per year)
  • People have the most sex in Idaho (7 days per month)
  • People have the least sex in Washington, D.C. (4.62 days per month)
  • The Northwest region is the most sexually-active area in the U.S.

The top 5 states (highest to lowest):

  1. Idaho, 7 days
  2. Vermont: 6.94 days
  3. Nebraska, 6.92 days
  4. Wyoming, 6.9 days
  5. Iowa: 6.83 days

The bottom 5 states (lowest to highest):

  1. Washington D.C., 4.62 days
  2. Mississippi, 5.27 days
  3. New York, 5.53 days
  4. Kentucky, 5.62 days
  5. Delaware, 5.7 days

Source: OvulineBlog


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