This Map Of A Week's Worth Of Global Shipping Traffic Is Mesmerizing

You order something, it ships, and a few days (and a few checks through package tracking) later it's at your doorstep. It's a relatively simple process — until you start looking at all the packages moving worldwide at once. And then that simple process becomes a vast, complicated, and even kind of beautiful, network.

This video from shipping company Fleetmon takes an entire week's worth of global shipping traffic and shows the whole thing moving over the map. From the long view of shipping freighters moving past one another in the water to the up-close look at individual packages traveling through tiny streets to their intended destinations, it's a fascinating look at just how sprawling and complex the system that gets us our deliveries.

via NPR

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Well as someone who has followed the rise of container shipping, as a hobby of curiosity, for a decade now, no real surprises here. The trade routes and traffic are about what I'd expect. Instead, I found this much more mesmerizing because it shows just how roboticized and automated container ports are now: