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This magnificent time-lapse spans seven continents and twenty-four countries

After six years of filming some of the most iconic vistas and architecture on the planet, filmmaker Sean F. White combined his footage into Terra Sacra, a visual diary of his travels to some of Earth's jaw-dropping locales. Here's his description of the project:

Inspired by Ron Fricke's Baraka, I combined my favourite shots from these various trips into a brief non-narrative film that touches on a them close to my heart: Sacred Earth. The visuals are driven by an original score by composer Roy Milner. The six-minute film is a journey through three distinct Acts: (I) Primordial Earth (II) Past meets Present and (III) Eternal Universe.


Now if anybody needs me, I'll be in the park somewhere, listening to Primal Scream and searching for the pith of existence in the infinite geometry of a mulberry shrub.

[Terra Sacra via Dangerous Minds]

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