This Magical Girl Superhero Is Here to Teach You How to Not Be an Asshole on the Subway

Image: Metro Los Angeles
Image: Metro Los Angeles

There is no torture quite as horrible as having to deal with the sociopaths on public transportation who seem to have no idea how to exist in the world without taking up too much space. Manspreaders on the bus, people who stand too close on the subway, and those who block doorways all deserve extensive jail time.

But until we get to a point when these menaces to society are forced to answer to the justice system for their egregious crimes, we need champions like Superkind, the magical girl superhero starring in the Los Angeles Metro service’s public service announcements about how not to be a dick. In a series of short videos, Superkind (in her civilian persona) travels around LA on public transit only to bump into monsters committing heinous acts like blocking the aisle on the train so that no one can get by, or eating full-on meals that get spilled on other passengers.

Superkind springs into action, goes through a sick-ass transformation sequence that would make Sailor Moon proud, and then busts out a PSA which breaks down into a catchy J-Pop music video about, you know, how to act like you have an ounce of empathy for your fellow human beings. The most ironic thing about the videos is that LA’s public transit system isn’t even all that robust, because everybody drives there. We need her here in New York City, where all the subway supervillains are.

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Seneca the Younger(er)

That looks like the nicest metro train car I have ever seen. The cleanest too, even including the confetti.