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This levitating barbecue is the coolest thing you'll see today

Let's face it: when it comes to jaw-dropping video footage, it's hard to compete with live coverage of the world's first supersonic dive from the edge of space. But Felix Baumgartner's spacejump was just cancelled, which makes this video of a levitating sheet of piping-hot metal (the equivalent of a floating, aluminum griddle) the most awesome thing you'll witness today, by default.


Oh, and did we mention the floating metal sheet can also support a wirelessly powered lamp? Yeah. There's that, too. Let the folks at Veritasium blow your mind with the wild physical properties of electromagnetic induction.


Forget hoverboards — where the hell are our maglev griddles?

[Veritasium via Henry Reich]

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Cool, but why is an American saying Al-ew-minium? :)