This Lego Pacific Rim Uprising Trailer Un-Cancels the Apocalypse With Thousands of Bricks

We’re already excited for what will undoubtedly be another giant robot smashapalooza when Pacific Rim Uprising hits theaters on March 23. But then someone went and painstakingly recreated the sequel’s first trailer using everyone’s favorite building toy, and now we’re also pining for some official Lego Jaeger sets.

It took Brick Force Studios roughly seven weeks to build, shoot, animate, and then add all of the special effects to its adorable version of the Pacific Rim Uprising’s original trailer. Here’s the Lego version:

And here’s the original, for comparison:

We haven’t quite decided which one we’d actually want to see in theaters, but we’re leaning toward the live-action version, if only for John Boyega’s fabulous supporting mustache.


[YouTube via Brick Fanatics]

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