This Legion Art Installation Will Blow Your Damned Mind

When fans think of the X-Men, they think of people capable of the impossible. They may have to consider artist Michael Murphy one of them. He’s created a jaw-dropping piece of art based on the new X-Men themed TV show, Legion.


The piece is called “Suspension of Disbelief,” and it’s a fitting title in more ways than one. We’ll let it speak for itself.

I mean, wow, right?

“There’s a moment in the first episode when [the main character] says, ‘I’m insane, this is my delusion!’ What an explosive statement,” Murphy said in a press release. “I’ve taken inspiration from that suspicion, and translated into a dimensional expression, the embodiment of a pivotal scene from the series, David’s kitchen bursting, or perhaps it’s a metaphor for what’s going on inside his head.”

The piece is one of several in the Legion-themed art exhibit called “Where?House.” It’s on display through January 29 at Villain, 50 North 3rd Street, Brooklyn, NY. You can find more details, including hours, at this link.

“In designing my work, my goal is to create an unexpected perceptual experience,” Murphy continued. “One that is intellectually challenging and, at the same time, technically intriguing. I utilize optical illusion, sculptural practices, and spatial techniques to create installations that stimulate thought. I view my art as a vehicle for ideas. And in this work, you’re invited to step into David’s world, literally.”

Legion premieres February 8 on FX.

Entertainment Reporter for io9/Gizmodo



I’m sorry but that did not blow my mind. That is a literal trope at this point (perspective being everything). I mean...this is literally a *gameplay element* in The Witness. It’s been used in movies, art, games, fricking everything for decades. And the implementation and result here are nothing special. They spelled a word. That’s it.