This Legion Actor Confirms That His Character Isn't Exactly Dead

From Legion, David lookin’ villainy.
From Legion, David lookin’ villainy.
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In the grand tradition of the X-Men themselves, death is never the end.

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In a recent interview on, several members of the cast of Legion, including Bill Irwin, who plays Cary Loudermilk, Amber Midthunder, who plays Kerry Loudermilk, and Jeremie Harris, who plays Ptonomy Wallace, sat down to discuss their characters and the trajectory of the show itself.

The most interesting part was the conversation with Jeremie Harris, where he confirms that Ptonomy isn’t precisely, well, dead, and that his fate at the end of the second season, which involved his mind being uploaded into a computer, will be an opportunity for the future of the character instead of an ending.


“It’s interesting,” Harris said, continuing:

I don’t understand why anyone would ever say Ptonomy is dead. It’s in the X-Men world and the Legion world. It’s just part of the journey of existing. He now has this new form and in a way has come out of his shell and has a new road to go down. I think a lot of shows are prisoner to not being able to break the rules in those ways. That’s the character and they’re going to play that and do that season after season. Here we’re able to reinvent characters and send them down whole new roads. So it’s more of a birth than a death that he went through.

It makes sense, in the surreal world of Legion, for death to be a liminal state at best, and it’s good to see that Ptonomy won’t be leaving the show. The whole interview, by the by, is worth checking out, offering some insight into the actors and providing some quiet hints about what you might be able to expect in the show’s undoubtedly eccentric third season.

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Pope Somhairle, Bishop of Evans, Pine, Hemsworth, Anti-Pratt

Honestly, I loved season 2 of Westworld and Legion. I thought they were high points to each series. I get why people didn’t like them or were offended by certain things in the show and harbor no condescension about it - they are legit complaints. But the issues that caused those reactions seemed organically part of the show and remember- Hawley already intimated that Season 1 was the start of an origin for a villain. Your offense or disgust (as io9 put the finale, “beautiful and disgusting”) was an intended effect, I just think Hawley miscalculated in that the disgust was part of the designed reaction but people were actually caught off guard, expecting not to have that reaction even tbough, as said, it seemed designed.

And this is X Men. If we can go through repeat redemption arcs for Mags, we can give David one, too. Mags has murdered and...well, worse and we still waffle around on him because we see the good between the wreckage of the bad. David isn’t a villain or hero in the same vaim, either, he’s more of a narrative device to explore how heroes create their own apocalypse even when doing good.

It all seemed designed to elicit more than just us rooting for a hero. We were supposed to be rooting for his HEALTH, not his heroism. It’s almost meta because there’s a clear, understandable arc David goes on before the S2 Finale that led to his choices.

Maybe it’s because I struggle with mental illness a lot and so I kind of see some of that pain (that’s not sympathy for his evil acts as I’ve never hurt anyone like David, but that’s the thing about MI is yiu often don’t have control over those thoughts and it’s hard to tell what circumstances could drive even me to act on them).

I’m stoked likewise to see where Loudermilk (s) go and what becomes of Ptonomy. I was put off by that until I saw him dragged into “the matrix” and was like I SEE YOU HAWLEY. WHAT YOU DID.