Every year we’re amazed at how much of Game of Thrones isn’t actually there. Each episode is basically a full Hollywood film in terms of visual effects, especially the ones we aren’t supposed to see. Entire worlds are built in a computer, not on set.

To show this, once again, the team at Rodeo FX have put together a Game of Thrones visual effects reel for your enjoyment. And it’s incredible. They’re just one of the many teams who work on the show and over the course of ten episodes, did almost 200 visual effects shots, many of which are the most iconic and memorable of the season. Basically anytime the characters entered a new, unfamiliar place, Rodeo FX were on the job. They, as well as the other teams, were nominated for an Emmy for their work.


And yes, this season definitely featured some suspect visual effects (the dragons immediately come to mind) but the set extensions and shot compositions? No one questioned those. That’s when you know visual effects really worked.

Game of Thrones returns in 2016.

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