You know what’s better than the live-action Jem movie? Well, just about anything. But also this fantastic cosplay from Skirts and Swords (the team behind the equally excellent Sailor Moon Biker Gang cosplay), where the ladies of the X-Men have merged with the stars of Jem to form a singularly outrageous band.

The characters and their fashions are based on the fabulous artwork by Rey Arzeno of Rage Gear Studios. Here they are in detail (along with the models portraying them):

Jaz (Jem + Dazzler) - Meredith Placko


Orana (Ororo/Storm + Shana) - Alicia Marie

Beja (Betsy/Psylocke + Aja) - ChubbyBunny Michelle


Raylee (Raya + Jubilee) - Emma Fyffe

Kimarie (Kimber + Rogue/Anna Marie) - Yume Ninja

Okay. Now I need these ladies to do a Misfits/X-Men villains mash-up immediately. Obviously, Dark Phoenix as Pizzazz, Emma Frost as Jetta, Mystique as Stormer, and maybe Lady Deathstrike as Roxy? Actually, can we just go ahead and make this part of the All-New, All-Different Marvel canon?


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