We love Raiders of the Lost Ark... but in the end Indiana Jones just wins by closing his eyes. Check out the climax of Ark of the Sun God, the Italian Raiders knock-off, in which shit just gets crazy.

In Ark of the Sun God, David Warbeck is a burglar who's hired to go inside an ancient temple and get an old artifact, a priceless sceptre. Towards the end of the movie, he lowers himself into a cavern full of hieroglylyphs and molten lava, to reach the lever that opens up the secret vault — but then the bad guys show up, and try to steal the sceptre. Too bad they disturb an ancient trap attached to the tomb, and sand starts pouring onto some discs.


In the clip above, you can see how this turns out — the temple starts to collapse, and cracks open up, and there is molten lava. And everybody has a simultaneous sword fight/machine gun fight. You would think that swordfight and machine-gun fight would be an either/or thing, but this movie doesn't want to have to choose. And in the end, the main guy is swallowed up by molten lava, and everybody rejoices.

Admit it — that's better than the hero just closing his eyes and letting things sort themselves out. [IMDB]