This Is Your New Star Wars Canon... So Far

With the Expanded Universe obliterated, the Star Wars canon is looking a little thin at the moment. Still not sure what goes where? Here's a new official infographic that shows you where the books, movies, and TV series all fall.

The new timeline, the first we've seen since the Disney "Everything Matters" universe came into effect, comes from the new paperback edition of the first post-reboot novel, A New Dawn by John Jackson Miller. The book recently appeared on Amazon Preview, giving us a glimpse at its earliest pages and this new timeline:


After years of the Expanded Universe stretching out and out, it's certainly a bit threadbare, isn't it?

There is some slight new information though — like the confirmation that the upcoming video game Battlefront is set between A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back. For now, the galaxy far, far away is looking a little barren. It won't be long before that changes though, thanks to the "Journey to Force Awakens" initiative.

[via IGN]


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