This Is Why We Can't Wait for Person of Interest Tonight!

Tonight brings the season finale of Person of Interest, and we've got an exclusive clip from CBS to whet your appetite for anarchy in the U.S.A. Collier's privacy terrorist group Vigilance is putting the government on trial, while two AIs are about to go head-to-head.


In this clip, which seems to take place right after the end of last week's episode, the Machine Gang watch as Collier begins the webcast of his trial for the surveillance state. I love that they're working with Shaw's old boss Hersh, who has always respected her abilities, despite the fact that she now works for the subversives. He's deadpan and hilarious in this bit.

I can't wait to see what's going to happen next. Will the Machine fight rival AI Samaritan, or will we leave that for next season? My guess is that a lot of it will spill over into season 5, because we still have a LOT to learn about Samaritan. But the Vigilance plot is almost over. My hope? That Collier, like season 1 bad guy Elias, becomes a Machine Gang ally.

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Speaking of, let's bring back Ellias.