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This Is Where Hunger Is Getting Better In The World — And Where It Isn't

The world has over 200 million fewer hungry people than it did 25 years ago. So does that mean hunger is decreasing around the world? The answer is yes — but sadly, not everywhere.


Overall, world hunger is certainly down. From just over a billion hungry people in 1990, a new report on food insecurity from the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization puts the total at 795 million, the majority of which is the work of the last decade alone. But while some places are moving quickly, some are moving slowly. And some are even moving in the opposite direction, like in the case of Western Asia, which is the only region to flip the trend of an overall decrease in what percentage of the population is hungry.

Image: 1990 World Hunger Map (FAO) vs 2015 World Hunger Map (FAO).

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What is sad is that we have a solution that could, if not solve the problem, at least be a big step in the right direction. But the Western world will never go for it because “ew”

It’s call farming and eating insects.