This is what the patent for a dinosaur suit looks like

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ON-ART Corp., Tokyo ("a top artistic structure airbrush paint production company in Japan") have just been granted their US patent (7,997,991 B2) for a "Costume suit of large size animal."

"The costume suit is made of special clothing or material, covers a whole body of the person inside, and is used to transform into an anthropomorphized animal or a fictitious creature, such as a monster."

Building and improving on the prior art of commonplace robotic dinosaurs, the new dino-bot is controlled by a human operator inside the device. The ‘pilot' can see the outside surroundings via two onboard monitor screens, and uses his/her own legs to walk.

"The dinosaur is truly realistic. It walks, roars, acts violently, swing its tail and sometimes bites." – say the inventors. A charming (and slightly alarming) video of the new invention can been seen above. More corporate info here.

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Useable to scare children!