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This Is What Riding The World's Tallest Water Slide Looks Like

Behold the POV footage from Kansas City's insane 17-story water slide.

This is the Verrückt, a water slide we've been tracking for sometime now. It's so big it has its own trailer. And now Schlitterbahn Park, home of the Verrückt, has released this video of a sandbag that was pushed down the monstrosity with a camera strapped to it. Note the massive amount of protective netting surrounding the slide. According to the park's website, the ride is still not open to humans, but sandbags ride for free. Looks like some kind of nightmare.


In other terrifying waterslide news, New Jersey's infamous Action Park has re-opened its doors.

[Via Geekologie]

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More like Shitterbahn Park because it'll scare the shit out of anyone who hates heights.

/raises quivering shaking clammy hand/