This is what it feels like to be trapped in a giant sandstorm in Kuwait

An absolutely massive sandstorm rolled through Kuwait last Friday, blotting out the sun and transforming early evening into night immediately. Here's eyewitness footage from motorists enveloped by the the roiling sand. You'll want to see this.


In this above clip, the videographer is engulfed by the storm in a matter of minutes. Notes Emirates 247:

The condition started on Friday in South Iraq and North West Kuwait which witnessed low pressure combined with strong winds at 80kmph.

"In view of bad weather conditions, dense dusty storm, and strong winds blowing in the country, all incoming flights were transferred to nearby airports while all outgoing flights were halted until weather conditions improve," Isam Al Zamil, the head of operations at the airport, said, quoted by Kuwait News Agency (KUNA).

Earlier, the authorities warned that the dust storm reduced visibility to less than 500 metres and that in some areas, "there is no visibility at all."

According to unconfirmed reports hundreds of people were stuck in malls as dust and sand prevented people from driving.

The condition is due to a dusty storm kicking up northwestern wind at a speed of more than 50 kilometres per hour, KUNA said.


The storm has since cleared, and here's some more amazing footage of Friday's sand tempest:

Hat tip to Sue!

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That was dumb. Who spends 5 minutes waiting for a sandstorm to come, and then only decides to move once it hits them reducing visibility to zero?