Illustration for article titled This is what blue whale poop looks like from an airplane. Tremble.

The average blue whale is approximately the length of three school buses. Heck, even a newborn calf is 23 feet long at birth. And do you see that horrific orange streak trailing behind those whales above? Yup, that's a big load of whale feces, an oceanic skidmark maybe the length of a few Volvos.


Photographer Eddie Kisfaludy shot this scene from a plane off the coast of La Jolla, California this week. He explains, "These blue whales were feeding off massive amounts of krill offshore San Diego this week. The whale poo is the same color as the krill they feed on, orange." If I were a diver caught in that miasma, I'd put a harpoon through my head because there's no way I'd ever be clean again.

BONUS: Blue whale poo, up close and personal. According to the camera operator, each globule is "palm-sized."


[Via Deep Sea News]

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