This is the week of Chewbacca!

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Let the Wookiee win the battle for your TV remote this week. Chewbacca comes to Star Wars: The Clone Wars for its one-hour season finale. Also: Superjail! is back on Cartoon Network. Camelot makes King Arthur gritty.


Plus there are new episodes of The Event, Adventure Time, Sym-Bionic Titan, Big Bang Theory, Batman: The Brave and the Bold, and both Being Humans. Here's everything to look forward to on television this week.


There's a new Adventure Time with Finn & Jake on the Cartoon Network at 8, followed by a new Regular Show at 8:30.


No new Chuck on NBC, because there's a one-hour "celebration of service" instead.

But The Event is still on NBC at 9 PM, with "Face Off":

President Martinez (Blair Underwood) and Blake Sterling (Zeljko Ivanek) have the Sleepers surrounded, but after Sophia (Laura Innes) triggers a national disaster, negotiations ensue. Elsewhere, with a lead on the whereabouts of Dempsey (guest star Hal Holbrook, "Water for Elephants"), Sean (Jason Ritter) and Vicky (Taylor Cole) continue on their mission.

At 9 PM, there's Syfy's remake of Being Human, with "Going Dutch." Here's a sneak peek, as Josh tries to explain where he vanished to for two days.

Stargate Universe appears at 10 PM on Syfy, with "Hope."

While Johansen tries to deal with a mysterious illness affecting Dr. Volker, Chloe's body finally falls under the sway of the alien pathogen.


No new No Ordinary Family on ABC, due to Dancing with the Stars.


At 11 PM, SOAPNet has another episode of Being Erica, "The Tribe Has Spoken."


At 8 PM, there's a new Big Bang Theory on CBS, "The Zarnecki Incursion."

When someone hacks Sheldon's online game account, the guys go on a quest to find the culprit.

At 10 PM, there's another episode of the superspy-parody Archer, on FX, "El Secuestro":

ISIS goes into full lockdown after Pam is abducted by kidnappers. Wait, Pam? Yes, but the kidnappers were really after Cheryl/Carol. Wait, Cheryl/Carol? Yes, because Cheryl/Carol isn't quite who she appears to be. Or is it whom? We'll find the answers to these questions – and two more – on this episode of Archer.



Cartoon Network has a full slate of programs. It starts at 6:30 PM with Batman: The Brave and the Bold, "Bat-Mite Presents: Batman's Strangest Cases!" This is the fabled episode in which the Bat-Mite takes us inside a Mad Magazine spoof, a Scooby-Doo team-up, and more. Of course, for some reason, this episode has already aired overseas. Here's a clip.


Then at 7:00, there's a new Ben 10: Ultimate Alien. That's followed by a new Generator Rex at 7:30 PM.

It all caps off at 8 PM, with a one-hour season finale for Star Wars: The Clone Wars: "Padawan Lost"/"Wookiee Hunt". And just who is the Wookiee they're hunting?

Ahsoka finds herself trapped on a Trandoshan moon, prey in an elaborate and cruel hunt. As Ahsoka and her allies struggle to evade the Trandoshan hunters, their efforts receive an unexpected boost when a new captive — Chewbacca the Wookiee — arrives.


Of course, these episodes also have already aired overseas. Here's a clip.

Also at 8, Disney has a special Phineas and Ferb episode, "Phineas Birthday Clip-O-Rama!":

It's Phineas' birthday and for the special occasion, Ferb puts together a clip show of the gang's favorite moments. Meanwhile, Agent P must stop Dr. Doofenshmirtz from using his 'non-inator' to pre-empt his brother's biography from appearing on television.

At 10 PM, Starz has the two-hour premiere of its new show Camelot, another look at the legend of King Arthur:

The 10-episode epic drama, redefines the classic medieval tale of King Arthur with an exciting ensemble cast including Joseph Fiennes reimagining the iconic role of Merlin, Jamie Campbell Bower as the young and reckless Arthur, and Eva Green in her television debut as the darkly powerful Morgan. The character-driven series also features Tamsin Egerton (Guinevere), Claire Forlani (Igraine) and Peter Mooney (Kay).


Also at 10 PM, there's a new (to Americans) episode of Merlin on Syfy

Or you could also check out the crowd-sourced TV show Bar Karma, on CurrentTV at 10 PM



At 9:30 AM, there's an all-new episode of Sym-Bionic Titan, airing in a new timeslot.


The Hub, the cable channel for kids, is having its usual two-hour bloc of cartoons from 7 to 9 (or 4 to 6 on the West Coast.) There's Transformers Prime, G.I. Joe Renegades, Dan Vs. and R.L. Stine's the Haunting Hour: The Series. At least some of those episodes are new.

At 9 PM, BBC America has the original British version of Being Human, "Though The Heavens Fall."



Fox has a new American Dad at 7:30, but no other new animated shows this week.

At 9 PM, HBO is showing a 15-minute preview of its upcoming George R.R. Martin adaptation, Game of Thrones.


The Science Channel is still re-showing all the original episodes of Joss Whedon's Firefly, with special segments featuring physicist Michio Kaku. Tonight, there's "Safe" at 9 PM and "Our Mrs. Reynolds" at 10 PM.

And then at midnight, there's the second season premiere of Superjail! on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim:

The hit series Superjail! is getting slammed back in general population for a second season of destruction premiering Sunday, April 3 at midnight (ET, PT) on Adult Swim. Double the insanity. Double the crazy. Double the pain of being kicked in the guts really hard. Season 2 makes Season 1 - which had a body count in the tens of thousands - look like Steel Magnolias.


Sources: San Francisco Chronicle TV section, Futon Critic, TV Guide, and various TV studios.

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Man, they missed the perfect opportunity to add Delta Squad in a non-shoehorned way. I mean, it would mess with canon a bit, but I'm beyond caring at this point.