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This is the scariest chart you'll see this week

These are the top 10 countries to request user data from tech companies in 2012. Guess who's leading the pack?


In other national security news, The Atlantic reports "defenders of Edward Snowden's leaks got a bit trickier Wednesday afternoon, with revelations about his embarrassing past. Turns out, Snowden was once a teenager and, worse, that time period was encapsulated online."

Funny, all the revelations about Snowden's teenage shenanigans only seem to make us like him that much more.



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Dear god, Edward Snowden was a teenager once? That monster.

And, oh my, he lied about his age on the internet?! You can't do that! Who would do that?! If we start lying about things on the internet, that will compromise the integrity of the whole thing, and then you won't be able to just believe everything you read online any more! Edward Snowden is killing the internet!

Seriously though, there are certainly some embarrassing things out there on the internet about each and every one of us, but this? This seems like small scale stuff to me. Call me back when we find out he had some fetish for... I don't know, underage animals, or something.