This Is the Picture That Proved Henry Cavill Could Be Superman

via Zack Snyder on Vero. Henry Cavill in Christopher Reeve’s Superman suit.
Image: Zack Snyder/DC/Warner Bros.

Last year, it was revealed that Henry Cavill did his screen test for Superman in Christopher Reeve’s legendary costume from the monumental 1978 film. Now, Zack Snyder has shared another picture from that screen test, one that he says convinced Warner Bros. that Cavill was the man for the red trunks.

Sharing on Vero, where Snyder shares quite a bit, Snyder wrote of the image, “This was the shot I did to show the studio that this was my Superman...they agreed. Got the suit from Warner archives and Henry honored [sic] it’s Legacy—Happy birthday, my brother.”


The image certainly is stunning. Compared to the earlier released behind-the-scenes picture, it really captures the grandeur of Cavill’s Super look:

Cavill as Superman.
Image: Zack Snyder/DC/Warner Bros.

Now that, my friends, is a Super man. It’s easy to see how Warner Bros. was convinced. Who wore it better?

Christopher Reeve as Superman.
Image: Warner Bros.

(Christopher Reeve, probably, but still!)

I’ve always been convinced that Cavill is and was a brilliant choice for Superman. He has the look, the gravitas, the warm confidence. Whether or not he’s been given a chance to play a Superman worth that pedigree is something for you all to hash out very politely in the comments.


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