This is the next anime film Hollywood will become obsessed with

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Check out the latest trailer for the new cyberpunk anime hotness, Exaella before it's remade with Shia Labeouf. Also enjoy new clips from CJ7 the cartoon, and the Warhammer-inspired film Ultramarines!


This is it, the new anime hotness that could get Hollywood all hot and bothered, until someone remakes it as a soulless shell of it's former brilliance, or something like that. But before that happens, take a look — we're enjoying the hell out of cyberpunk film Exaella. According to the film's site:

Actions of this story occurs during a post-apocalyptic time. Millions of people has fallen in lethargy to save remained resources. But few awakened souls tries to rescue the fallen asleep population.


Very interesting! Here's the second trailer, more images and clips on the site.


Quiet Earth has alerted us to the presence of the Warhammer 40K movie teaser trailer, featuring a few pissed off CG mugs of the half man/ half machine Ultramarines. It's narrated by John Hurt, and if you love Jim Henson's Storyteller as much as we did, you're sure to enjoy this teaser.

CJ7 Cartoon

This is the Stephen Chow-produced and Toe Yuen-directed cartoon based on the adorable film of the same name. Who could forget that little fella? The cartoon will hit China theaters on 6th of July.

Upside Down

We may be following Jim Sturgess' and Kristen Dunst's scifi love story Upside Down a little too closely, because this latest behind-the-scenes clip has us all kinds of worried. In it, Sturgess flies about with Dunst strapped to his back. Hmmmm. Still, we're holding out for more before completely writing off this interesting film about parallel, upside-down worlds sandwiched on top of each other and the love that brought them together.

Behind the scenes clip:

Future Self

Twitch Film pointed out this week's indie short, and we're rather partial to the clock-face villains as well. Plus, it plays with the age-old paradox laws of handling your future self whilst time-traveling. The film is by Eric Branscum, enjoy.


Future Self from Eric Branscum on Vimeo.


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DISCUSSION you are "enjoying the hell" out of an anime that is 1.) not yet finished, and 2.) has released NO FOOTAGE apart from the 1:00 clip there?

What, exactly, are you enjoying?

One thing I like is, the guy making it is apparently a Russian musician, which explains why both the English AND the Japanese are fucked.