This Is The Most Optimistic Walking Dead Trailer I've Ever Seen

The second half of season five of The Walking Dead begins on February 8th, and I had expected that things were going to stay miserable for Rick and the gang. But this new trailer is all about hope, chances, living and surviving — could the group finally be about to find peace and safety? Ha ha ha of course not.


Still, it's weird for the characters — or the marketing materials — to even mention "hope" as if it's something that's at all attainable in the zombie apocalypse, so by default, this is as cheery as I've ever seen The Walking Dead. I can only assume this trailer is trying to lull us into a false sense of security for something truly horrible, like Carl finally snapping, turning his baby sister Judith into a pudding, and grimly eating it as he burns everyone else alive.

[Via Geeks Are Sexy]

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Irritated RN

Optimism is a trap in The Walking Dead universe.