The Hubble has given us some pretty stunningly colorful images in the past, but this picture β€” which takes the full range of colors that the Hubble is capable of shooting, from ultraviolet all the way up to almost infrared, and combines them all into one image β€” is the best yet.

It took nine years (or 841 complete Hubble orbits) of shooting to get the composite image, which contains over 10,000 galaxies, some of which appear as the did just a few hundred million years or so after the Big Bang.


Besides being lovely to look at though, this look at the colors of the universe is also scientifically important, giving researchers their first really good look at what is happening on the ultraviolet light spectrum deep in the universe. By looking at the ultraviolet light deep in the universe, researchers say that they can get a much better idea of just what is going in with the processes and growth of star formations.

Image: NASA/ESA.