We've seen lots and lots of TARDIS dresses in the past few years, from ballgowns to clubwear. But this "TARDIS Princess" dress not only had a cute crown on top (in place of the TARDIS' trademark flashing light), it has the actual control room when you pull back the top layer. See for yourself below.

The TARDIS Princess dress, sported by Sasha Trabane, was spotted at the Boston science fiction convention Arisia, where it won at the Masquerade for Best in Class (Novice) Craftsmanship & Best Comedic Duo (Presentation), along with Jax Adele's 1950s space girl. The TARDIS interior was painted by Andy Coyle. Check out the whole thing below, via photographer Nenita Hiller.


[A Taste of Paint Tumblr]

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